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Postmortem: Mr. Spiff's Revenge

As a team, we had been talking about making a game together for quite a bit.  But we had to push the idea off due to a number of life responsibilities, school and work for the most part.  Once the summer rolled around, school was over and we could finally get on with our massive ambitions. 


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Mr. Spiff's Revenge Trailer

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Mr. Spiff's Revenge

Mr. Spiff

Mr. Spiff's Revenge is a PC video game title that we entered into the 2008 Dr. Dobb's Challenge after two weeks of development. We ended up taking home the top prize, "Best Windows Game"! 

Since then, we have been steadily building on the game making a large number of changes to the gameplay, asset tweaks and a few performance enhancements. I'm proud to announce that we have finally completed the update to the game!