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I'm a man who doesn't really like change. If I'm comfortable with something, I stick to it. "If it ain't broke..."

But I'm also a man who likes shiny new things.


Latest Happenings...

The team has become quite busy and we've managed to let our newly implemented, weekly blog posts slide, but let me try to restart things here :)


Flash Action Game Character Concept

Concepting the characters for the upcoming flash game.  Does one of them look familiar?

Character Concept


Project Muzikaze Concept Art

The game has changed a bit since this was created, but it conveys our art direction :)

Project Muzikaze Concept


Computer Augmented Rehabilitation Using Games and Virtual Reality Environments

Pow Studios has partnered with Biodex and CEWIT to help create Serious Games integrated into "physical and cognitive rehabilitation processes to deliver high quality care to the aging population and patients recovering from injuries, such as soldiers returning from the two wars". 

Computer Augmented Rehab Using Games and Virtual Reality Environments



Pow Studios has more than doubled in size!!!  We've recently taken on five new interns! Two programming, two marketing and one game design intern have been added to the team. 

We took notice of the programming interns (Greg Wysocki and Marcin Oszkinis) after they created an awesome project for their game dev class.  They're currently working on a new Flash game set for release in early December.  We're having a lot of fun developing this game and we're certain it will show when you guys get your hands on it!

The game design intern, Chris Macker, has worked as a designer under WarCraft 3 DotA's head developer for a number of years. He is primarily working on the new Flash game, but will also be assisting on our other projects.  He's been a source of a number of good ideas and we've had several healthy debates on the design of the game; only good things can come from that :)

Finally, we've taken on two marketing interns (Chris Chirico and Ko-Shin Leu, gamers at heart!) who are currently working towards their MBA, to develop a long term marketing strategy for the company.  This is the achilles heel of most independent studios and we're looking to focus and strengthen our position as we move forward.

We're very happy with all of the new folks that have joined the team and we look forward to a very productive season!


IGF Entry In Motion

Surprise surprise!  We're developing an entry for the IGF this year!!!  What will it be about?  Our recent release on Xbox Live lays out a hint as to what the game's premise will be.  We'll have more info soon and if we have the time, we're hoping to do a private beta.  You should also see some unmarked concept art in the near future with a better hint as to the direction we're going with this game. 


Need For Speed Shift

Simply breathtaking

As a huge fan of racing games, the Need For Speed series has a large placement in my game library. With their recent release of NFS Shift, the way we look at racing games and graphics has changed.

An in-game screenshot.


Photoshop Line Art Tool for the artists out there

Hello this is Justin.
When it comes to concepting for our games, I usually do some simple line art then send to photoshop for coloring. In photoshop you have to start "Flatting" out your colors, meaning filling in every space with a color (usually neutral). Selecting the spaces could be "sped up" with the magic wand tool, but in most cases you have to use the lasso tool and manually select areas to color.


Our Next Project

Here's a look at our next game's main character.  More info to come!  Comments are welcome!

Character Bot