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Busy Busy Busy

Things have become really hectic lately as we're closing out a couple of non-game related projects and starting up a couple of new ones.  The Muzikaze debut was awesome! Hopefully we'll have some pics of that up soon.  A teaser is in the works! That's all for now, just wanted to take a moment and say that we're still here!


Muzikaze Public Debut - Dec 2nd - Stony Brook University

Be there for our first public demo of Muzikaze on December 2 at Stony Brook University! We'll be holding the presentation at the Computer Science Building in room 2120 (formerly the CS library, across from the SINC Site) at 1pm. All are welcome to come!

A special thanks to SBCS-ACM for setting this up!


Re-Configuring Email

If you've sent mail to us in the last day or two and had it bounce back, please send it again.  We've been reconfiguring our mail servers and your message may have been sent to the netherspace while we were switching stuff around.  I apologize for the inconvenience.


Life of Graphic Design.

Welcome to Part 1 of-as-many-parts-as-I-feel-like-doing regarding graphic design, web design, and other art-related tasks I do here at Pow Studios.

Purple is for lovers.

As the graphic designer on the Pow team, I guess I could shed some light on what (in my opinion) makes good design and what I try to focus on when designing (but I might start to charge in the future). To each their own.


Digging into the past....

We've been receiving some good feedback about our pitch video for the Indie Game Challenge, including a couple of queries about why there was a listing for "Contra-Level One" in the quick shot of our audio browser in the game. 


Muzikaze Entered into IGF


Coming Soon

Hear it.  Play it.


ActionScript vs. C++

     Hello everyone! THis will be my first blog post ever so I am really excited!! woot! OK, so first of all I'd like to say that pow Studios is a really great company to do an internship for. They have a really helpful committed staff and it's been great so far.


Artist Review: Unwrella for Maya

Hello this is justin, and I'm enthused to talk about Unwrella for Maya.