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Mr. Spiff's Revenge References

Gesture Recognition

Mr. Spiff's Revenge relies heavily on the $1 Gesture Recognizer developed by researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research. Full reference:

Wobbrock, J.O., Wilson, A.D. and Li, Y. (2007) Gestures without libraries, toolkits or training: A $1 recognizer for user interface prototypes. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST '07). Newport, Rhode Island (October 7-10, 2007). New York: ACM Press, 159-168.


The music in Mr. Spiff's Revenge are freeware/linkware loops from Flash Kit. Links to the specific loops we used are below.

Filename Source
classic_boss "Tidal Wave 1" by DeeJay Cox Knot
classic_level "Jump2Free" by Jump2Free
cowboy_boss "Formidable" by Asim Khan
cowboy_level "A1_Country" by Fernando Lima
doctor_boss "revolutionist" by Nuran Keshwani
doctor_level "The Enemy Draws Near" by Calpomatt
ending "Untitled1" by Robert Griffin
intro "American Beauty" by calpomatt
menu "Alcatraz" by Lee I. Garnett
mummy_boss "Lizard's cave 02" by Daniel
mummy_level "Cry For Freedom" by calpomatt
pirate_boss "Passion" by Sonu Khan
pirate_level "African Trouble" by Gen A Dee
sally_boss "Ambient DnB" by calpomatt
sally_level "lost in flame" by Bernhard Kosten