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Windows 7 and more.

I'm a man who doesn't really like change. If I'm comfortable with something, I stick to it. "If it ain't broke..."

But I'm also a man who likes shiny new things.

And that's where Windows 7 came into the picture--now we have a problem. I have been a user of Windows XP since day one and never had the urge to update to Vista. Boy am I glad I converted to 7. The new features, pretty UI, and updated taskbar has me toying around with all the new features I could have missed by staying with XP. Easily, one of my favorite features is the new graphical user interface. It's so pretttttyyyy.
Mac users, eat your heart out.

Then, to keep things in unison, after staying with AIM 5.5 (that's really long ago) up until today, and plunged into AIM 7.0. Totally new features, and an overhauled face. Overall, a nice upgrade. No regrets.

Win 7 + AIM 7 = ftw!


yay for change! :)

yay for change! :)

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