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Tell her to keep it moving (Character Design)

One of our original ideas/themes for the runner game was to have the player character be chased by something. Whatever was chasing the player could influence or create the whole theme of the game itself. We thought of an avalanche, so our player could be a little eskimo, or a rising tidal wave, where our player could be a surfer dude. Eventually we got into the idea of the player being a little egg, and the force chasing it was an army of....sperm.

We found that to be kinda awkward, but we did like the idea of some slick little runner woman hauling ass across the level, so we went with it.


In general, ideal runners' legs tend to be long and have well developed and toned muscles, as well as a clearly defined silhouette. Also for females, you don't want to have a big chest because that tends to get in the way. (pencil drawings made on random news print and copying paper)

 (above) So we put her in a one piece suit with some cool sneakers as well as enlarge her head a bit in an attempt to abstract/cartoonify her so you wouldn't try to attribute too much realism in her looks and animation. Big heads and eyes are easy to do, but these can make your designs look childish if you mess it up.

(above) Here are some of the heads we played around with. Her profile was most important, as we would be seeing this for most of the game time. The bottom right looked too childish, and the top right's lower jaw protruded outward too much.

I gave her some light emitting objects around her body, mainly the backs of the hands and the lengths of the legs. I made the left drawing have large hands to cartoonify it, but I ended up shrinking them.

Her shoes were based on high top sneakers. I've been kind of infatuated with High Top sneakers and turtle necks, and her current sneaker design is actually based on a pair of sneakers I wear now.

Here is her latest design. The soles of her feet now give off light like the rest of her body as well as her fingertips. She still retains the strong legs and one piece suit. We are still experimenting with suit, skin and hair colors.

At the moment I am using Maya to build and animate a 2d rig for her.




Those are some tight shoes.

Those are some tight shoes.  Are they Air Force Ones?

Those drawings are

Those drawings are awesome! Looking forward to seeing more from this game.

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