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Smoke Animation Pack 1

Inside there are 4 sets of smoke animations, each set with individual 512x512 PNG images for you to put together in a sprite sheet for your game using your own processes or a sprite sheet packer such as this.

These animations are of smoke effects.

As listed below, this resource is being provided under an "Attribution" license.  This means you are free to use it for any purpose as long as "Pow Studios" is given credit.

(the black background in the following preview images are not in the final frames)

Smoke_up is a puff of smoke eminating from the bottom of the image. Use this for effects like steam puffs, bullet impacts, fire smoke and etc.

Smoke_right is a puff of smoke that can be used for effects like smoke coming out of a muzzle shot, a blast from an engine, or firing a grenade launcher. Its general direction is facing the right.

Smoke_jump can be used for a platformer, whenever the character jumps. Spawn this under their feet right as they jump.

Smoke_plume is a circular puff of smoke. Use this for rocket trails, and wherever you need smoke to puff. It has no direction. In fact, if you want to be a genius, give this sprite a random initial direction to mix it up!

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 very nice job!!


how do i put this stuff on imovie 

Not that well...

You should probably get something better than imovie... But- just drag the animation into iMovie and it should work- you should probably drag it on top of your main layer. You may have problems, because iMovie only supports 2 layers. For a more advanced editing software, I recommend  Final Cut Pro X:

 im hoping after i comment

 im hoping after i comment i'll see the license.


It seems there's some kind of bug that stops the license notice at the bottom showing up, which is why I didn't see it at first yesterday. It first showed up for me when I posted a comment. You might want to look into that.


Hi, could you clarify this? You say this is under "an 'Attribution' license", but exactly what license do you mean? I assume you mean the Creative Commons Attribution License; is this correct?

Also, if that's correct, what version of the license? (Or does it not matter?)

Ah, nevermind. I just noticed

Ah, nevermind. I just noticed the icon at the bottom. :)


 Thanks. Do you have a package with more effects beyound that you are selling in the Unity store?

The requested page could not be found.

 Reup please. Thanks

smoke puff

 thanks nice animation !!!

Download link broken???

Tried to download smoke zip and it says the file is no longer available...

the random intial direction

the random intial direction idea is genius. GENIUS