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Pre-Alpha Early Zygote Project Preview

If you didn't get it from the title, this project is so new, we have no idea what we're going to name it!

We've been inspired by games such as Canabalt and wanted to try our own hand at the run-for-your-life style of gameplay, but with a physics based twist.



We're also using this opportunity to play with some tools, GLEED2D and Farseer Physics.  GLEED2d is a generic level editor that spits out XML based level definition files and Farseer Physics is a physics library for the XNA platform.

Although support for GLEED2D seems to have ceased and the editor can be quirky at times, it is still pretty useful and we've made it work.  We use the Path primitive as polygons which we import into Farseer as static geometries and voilĂ , we have a terrain editor.

We also spent some time making the movement of the player feel right.  (The player is a biped represented as a circular physics object.)  After several hours of playing with the physics properties and attempting different methods of applying movement force, we finally have the player moving smoothly across the world without any hopping or skipping that wouldn't make sense for a moving biped.

We are currently enabling support to insert animations into the level via GLEED2D.  Other items on the to-do list include adding physics objects and dynamic in-game triggers through the editor.

We'll keep you posted as things evolve!


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