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Photoshop Line Art Tool for the artists out there

Hello this is Justin.
When it comes to concepting for our games, I usually do some simple line art then send to photoshop for coloring. In photoshop you have to start "Flatting" out your colors, meaning filling in every space with a color (usually neutral). Selecting the spaces could be "sped up" with the magic wand tool, but in most cases you have to use the lasso tool and manually select areas to color.

"Flatting" in your line art is probobly the most boring and annoying process of coloring in the work. Luckily, BPelt has come and created a nifty plugin for 32 bit photoshop users.

Instructions at a glance:

1. Unzip the plugins into your photoshop plugins folder
2. Open photoshop, import your line art
3. Duplicate the line art layer for safe keeping and select the duplicated layer
4. Take the duplicated line art layer and make sure it has no transparency. If it does, flatten this layer with a pure white layer.
5. Go to edit > adjustments > levels
6. Make it so that your duplicated line art layer is either full black and full white, no greys or in-betweens
7. go to filters > Bpelt > Multi-fill. Now the duplicated line art layer is funky colored
8. go to filters > bpelt > flatten. Now the duplicated line art layer has no black outlines
9. unhide the original line art layer.
10. Wand tool the colors and fill in with whatever color you want.



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