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Evil BetsonBetson Thomas
(President, Programmer)

After graduating from Stony Brook University with my Bachelors in Computer Science, I didn't my learn my lesson the first time around and decided to continue at Stony Brook for a Masters degree also in Computer Science. During my time there, I led the UPE and ACM chapters followed by a successful stint as Stony Brook University's Microsoft Student Partner. I plan to destroy what little remains of my social life by attempting to balance the studio, school and a paying job.

Justin's true formJustin Varghese
(Executive Vice President, Artist, Animator)

Hello, I'm Justin Varghese. I graduated from NYIT with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Computer Graphics. I love doing everything that has to do with drawing, 3D modeling, animation, sculpture and music. I am tall and skinny like the rest of my family, and like to eat lots of candy and drink juices and soda that have slim to no nutritional value. Beef Ravioli from Chef Boyardee is my favorite food, and it must be microwaved. I also like instigating my friends into hating each other. This team will never last.

Commander ChrisChris Lau
(Executive Vice President, Multimedia Artist)

Hi, I'm Chris Lau, they call me Chris Lau. I recently graduated from NYIT, majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Fine Arts (Fancy word for "I can make cool stick figures"). Along with all things revolving around the internet, I enjoy movie-making, digital photography, graphic design, getting the last word, masticating, music, the arts, and various sports involving balls that bounce. I'm Chris Lau.