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Need For Speed Shift

Simply breathtaking

As a huge fan of racing games, the Need For Speed series has a large placement in my game library. With their recent release of NFS Shift, the way we look at racing games and graphics has changed.

An in-game screenshot.

I can't get enough of the cockpit view. You feel fully immersed in the game from this POV. I currently work for an automotive company that deals with high-res images of cars and 3d models. The attention to detail as seen in this game is just as good--if not, even better than some of the stuff I've seen at work.


The track selection is just as enormous as the cars they feature in this game. Fully upgradable, the replay value is endless. I'll be entertained with this for a while. Highly recommend this game to racing fans or anyone seeking speed.



I can find the lowest price

I can find the lowest price possible!

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