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Life of Graphic Design.

Welcome to Part 1 of-as-many-parts-as-I-feel-like-doing regarding graphic design, web design, and other art-related tasks I do here at Pow Studios.

Purple is for lovers.

As the graphic designer on the Pow team, I guess I could shed some light on what (in my opinion) makes good design and what I try to focus on when designing (but I might start to charge in the future). To each their own.

Simplicity. When I think of simplicity, I think of Apple. Steve Jobs applies this to everything from their product line and design of their products. Less is more.

Font choice is important. Though the unspoken rule is to have no more than three on the same page at a time. I generally have a soft spot for sans-serif fonts.

Use of negative space. This is something that's brought me the most criticism. For non-art majors, when they see a design or text document with large negative spacing, they just see it as "off-center". Probably the most ignorant comment you could say. As a graphic designer, you utilize your space in a purposeful way. So, "why is that logo tucked away, off to the top-left, away from the other objects?" To catch your attention.

See, Z-pattern.

Color theory. Even the slightest change in colors can affect the mood and feel of a design.

Web 2.0. Clean. Sleek. Simple.

Dark colors. Particularly greys and blacks. Big fan!

Hope these provided some insight on how I design and layout my visual nuggets of fun.


Our customers love working

Our customers love working with Parklife Graphics because we are passionate about our craft.graphic designer Rockingham

Make my logo bigger cream

This post actually reminded me of the YouTube video "Make my logo bigger cream"
I love simple design and as a graphic artist I always tell my clients, less is more... but in the end the client is the one who pays my bills and I create what they want. It's sad actually, specially when I create something that I am proud of and they come in and change it all around, making it look cluttered and like a rainbow. I will defenitly be showing this post to some people, maybe they will learn a thing or two.
Thanks =)


Guilty as charged....

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