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The team has become quite busy and we've managed to let our newly implemented, weekly blog posts slide, but let me try to restart things here :)

We're in the midst of crunch preparing our entries and submission materials for the Indie Game Challenge and the IGF.  We're taking a big risk by making a swath of changes to the art and gameplay at the last moment, but we feel that the risk is worth it.  We'll see how things turn out and whether or not we'll be able to make a fair amount of the necessary adjustments in the next week.

Oh, and whats up with this mail-in-only submission process for the Indie Game Challenge?  We couldn't upload our pitch video somewhere or make our game available for download?  What about submitting our game to their own servers? It's quite an archaic way of doing things and I would love for someone to clear up the reasoning behind these decisions.

I love our interns! They're stepping up to the plate with enthusiastic contributions and a genuine desire to make the game they're developing as awesome as possible.  Although, we haven't revealed it yet (I guess I am now), the Flash game will see a dual platform release: PC via Flash, and Xbox 360 via Indie Games.  Since the interns have a strong handle on the Flash build, they've conveyed great enthusiasm for also working on the Xbox build.  Developing skills in that area would be valuable and besides, it frees me up quite a bit :). They will be going at it on both fronts.  I've asked them to make blog entries on their progress and you should be hearing updates on the development process directly from them!

That's all I can reveal at this point, so it's back to work for me!


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