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Fire Animation Pack 1

Inside there are 4 sets of fire animations, each set with individual 512x512 PNG images for you to put together in a sprite sheet for your game using your own processes or a sprite sheet packer such as this.

These animations are of fire effects and projectiles.

As listed below, this resource is being provided under an "Attribution" license.  This means you are free to use it for any purpose as long as "Pow Studios" is given credit.

(the black background in the following preview images are not in the final frames)

Fireball is a flying chunk of molten anger, spewing off chunks of rock and ember. Use this for your pyromancing mage or flame pterodactyl. It's sprite direction is facing the right.

Fireball_hit_ is the aftermath of the above fireball exploding, preferrably in your enemy's face. You can give it a random rotation each time its created.

Flame_1 is a single burning chunk of ember. You can spawn one of these on the floor to indicate the floor is on fire, say from a molotov cocktail. You can also use this is a flame on top of a torch in a dungeon.

Flamethrower_ is a single shot stream of fire that mimics a flamethrower. Use this as an environmental hazard in your level, or a flamethrowing powerup for your characters. It's sprite direction is facing the right.

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Wow, great job but the attached link not wotking. Thanks.

 thats awesomepurely awesome

 thats awesomepurely awesome


 Thanks for this

Looks Great!

Dear Pow Studios,Thank you for the effects. 


 Love these assets will be showing them to my fellow devs and I have chosen one which I think will look good in my main menu scene thx Pow Studios I will always give credit to you guys 

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This is completely awesome.  Thank you.


 Thank you very much!


 Wow these look wonderful


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Awesome, very high quality,

Awesome, very high quality, thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot

these are really great! 

Currently seems to not be

Currently seems to not be working for me, images or zip.

Currently seems to not be

Currently seems to not be working for me, images or zip.

Nice textures :)

Nice textures :)

Excellent !

Excellent work ! That's awesome


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Thanks for sharing! But the link is dead. Could you update it please? 

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 Hmm... weird, after I posted the comment, the link come alive and the first image in the post also became visible (it was blank before). You should probably check your website's code.


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