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Limited Liability
Street of the Dead 

Limited Liability

Confined to a life of eternal damnation amongst a dimly lit, poorly ventilated post apocalyptic cubicle farm, two men decided to end it all. Fists raised high with blood soaked tie's and staplers these two office warriors have risen to heed the call of battle!

A project consisting of Carmine "CJ" Silano (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano and many other random and obscure instruments) & Dan "SPooN" Nemirovsky (Lyrics, Singing, Screaming, incoherent explosions of saliva and sound) was founded in the summer of 2006 fusing various genres of Metal, Jazz, Classical, Ragtime and Folk into an aural explosion that will leave you feeling amused, horrified, constipated and slightly aroused.

Limited Liability has released two albums to date (Office Metal & An Office Metal X-mas Party) and are working furiously on releasing a third album entitled simply "WTF" by Winter of '09.  Using dark, satiric and often disturbing lyrics paired with a musical style that's more bi-polar than Courtney Love at a DWI hearing we will continue to push the envelope and keep you entertained... or horrified.




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 Limited liability is an

 Limited liability is an awesome band. Their main specialty is that they are not stuck with a specific genre. They play metal jazz classical ragtime and even folk. And moreover they got their own color of tunes . that is what new bands lacking these days. see here

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