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In a world that grew up with hip hop, Karmacy invents a hip hop that grows up with us. For the crew's three emcees -- KB, Nimo and Swap -- music is a living, breathing companion that beats along with all the hearts they've touched: from the mother who finally understands why her son listens to hip hop to the old man who rejoices that the song "Blood Brothers" depicts the tale of his own family. With each new experience and every new listener, Karmacy's responsibility increases while its music steadily evolves.

The Karmacy sound pays respect to the fundamentals of hip hop through driving bass lines, rattling kicks and snares, and an infectious energy. Moreover, the music never hesitates to push boundaries, layering multilingual flows atop cross-cultural beats with lyrics and themes that invite people to think. This conscientious mix has won them worldwide recognition, headline shows at venues like the House of Blues in Hollywood, and the company of acts like Ozomatli, Karsh Kale and Will I Am.

In 2001, Karmacy released its debut album, The Movement. It shook the scene with a willingness to address our fragile social landscape and an ability to intertwine the group members' personal journeys into each track. The video for "Blood Brothers" - a portrayal of a family separated by immigration -- struck a global chord. It enjoyed airtime on premier music television outlets in the US, India and around the world. Songs like "Euphoria" amplified the hope and energy of today's youth, while tracks like "Horizons" and "The Movement" pulled the curtain on a decade rife with political disaster.

The next phase tested the group's ability to absorb individual life lessons and discover a new truth, a new Karmacy. These enduring emcees learned to trust their instincts to the Nth degree and created a sound that resonates more deeply and harmoniously than ever before. The result is Wooden Bling. With profound grooves and mature, harder-hitting beats, Karmacy's latest record unites the trio's bold lyrics with a revitalized, more determined sound.

It is a sound through which rhymes can restore reason and beats can break barriers. In these hectic times when things don't feel right until they go wrong and life will not slow down for anyone, Karmacy's music gives us all the opportunity to reflect before we proceed.


Is this a new kind of

Is this a new kind of revolution in the world of music and art; especially the “Hip-Hop”? I would definitely listen to those kinds of things and try to make up my mind for the betterment of my music and for the peace of my mind. outlook help

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That is nice. Thanks for your explanation


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