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Esquire X
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Esquire X

Danny Kelly, a.k.a. "Esquire X", has proven he can produce Indie tunes with that big hit feel.  His electro bootleg remix of "Journey - Don't Stop Believin'" has been played the world over upon its release in 2006.  He started out as an accomplished pianist, writing several of his own Neo-Classical pieces, some of which he has, and still is converting into electronica tunes.  His abilities have gotten him remix opportunities with Grammy-nominated electronica producers.  Esquire X is young, ambitious, and he will stop at nothing when it comes to making music.  In 2005, Danny launched a side-project called "Typo Co."  in which he attempts to produce experimental electronica that focuses more on vocals and smooth forms of music composition.  In 2009 Danny launched his own publishing company, Spektrum Recordings (  Check out more of Esquire X's music at  And be on the look-out for the first "Typo Co. - Audio Poets" album in early 2010,


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