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Electricity Animation Pack 1

Inside there are 4 sets of electricity animations, each set with individual 512x512 PNG images for you to put together in a sprite sheet for your game using your own processes or a sprite sheet packer such as this.

These animations are of electricity effects and projectiles.

As listed below, this resource is being provided under an "Attribution" license.  This means you are free to use it for any purpose as long as "Pow Studios" is given credit.

(the black background in the following preview images are not in the final frames)

Bolt_tesla is a looping line of electricity. Use this in your backgrounds between two coils, or use it as a traveling bolt projectile.

Bolt_Ball is an projectile orb of electrical discharge, use this if you want your hero or enemy to throw some voltage at a ranged target. The direction of the sprite is facing the right.

Bolt_sizzle is a sizzle effect that can be used to indicate an object or character has been electrified or charged with electrical energy. Spawn multiples of these around whatever you want electrified or electrically exploded.

Bolt_strike is a "short range" electric strike. Use this if your magician or robot needs to send some short range voltage at his enemy. You could scale the sprite's length to increase its range. The sprites direction is facing right, and its spawn point is from the left.

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