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Digging into the past....

We've been receiving some good feedback about our pitch video for the Indie Game Challenge, including a couple of queries about why there was a listing for "Contra-Level One" in the quick shot of our audio browser in the game. 

Well, I'm a bit embarrased to say this, but I created that audio file.....a loooong time ago.  It was from back in the day of my first game programming class.  For the first half of the course, we had to work on a game project entirely on our own and we were told to remake a classic of the past.  Clearly, I chose Contra and went the extra mile to remix the original midi files and include them with my remake.

I've decided to share these files, however terrible they are (I'm not a musician), with the disclaimer that you may....hate it.  :)  There are two versions of Contra's intro level music, one from the arcade version and one from the NES version.

Check it out!  Don't be afraid to tell me if its terrible! :)

Contra-LevelOne-Remix-Betson_Thomas-NES.mp32.23 MB
Contra-LevelOne-Remix-Betson_Thomas-Arcade.mp32.26 MB

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