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Computer Augmented Rehabilitation Using Games and Virtual Reality Environments

Pow Studios has partnered with Biodex and CEWIT to help create Serious Games integrated into "physical and cognitive rehabilitation processes to deliver high quality care to the aging population and patients recovering from injuries, such as soldiers returning from the two wars". 

Computer Augmented Rehab Using Games and Virtual Reality Environments

"Considering that traditional training and exercises are often boring and repetitive, using computer games to augment physical and cognitive rehabilitation offers the potential for significant therapeutic benefit. Games are likely to engage a person's attention through the cognitive and motor activity required. Besides, most games challenge the player to achieve sustained success through progression to increasingly difficult levels. Another advantage is that games can be used to aid the management of pain by diverting the patient's attention."

Attached below, you'll find a PDF file of the article above in the CEWIT Conference Supplement to the Long Island Business News.

Catch Concept

LIBN_Computer_Augmented_Rehab.pdf976.07 KB

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