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Bot Stoppers Playtest!

Bot Stoppers is now available for playtest both for the XBox 360 at the XNA App Hub and the PC by downloading directly through here.  Leave us your feedback via comments below, email or at the App Hub!  Thanks!


 Awesome!  I think what you

 Awesome!  I think what you have so far is pretty smooth and I really like the direction you are going....while at the same time want to know the direction that you are going! (If that makes sense).  For example, what are you collecting after defeating enemies?  Is that going to be currency for upgrades or sometihng like that?Also, are there any plans for:

  • Achievements (non console of course)
  • Achievement rewards
  • Multiplayer
  • Saved Progress

A couple of things I noticed (please disregard if they are simply not ironed out yet:

  • When killing all enemies with the 'W' key, if there are too many enemies on the screen, the sound amplifies extremely loud.  I would think doing a check for what is dying on the screen and giving it a max of 2-3 sound effects would work without having my lunge for my speakers.
  • Balance seems pretty good amongst the enemies!
  • Art is fantastic!  I love the way the enemies "emerge" out of the background.
  • Some enemies seem to pool up, respawn, and then  stand near the player character.  To which I sit there and bash S non stop until they are all dead and I remain untouched (note: this was a wave without ranged so that balances out later!)
  • The starting skills obviously need tooltips, and a quick screen for keyboard shortcuts (or xbox buttons).  Also some had keyboard art and others had xbox art (things that I'm sure are being ironed out)

Sorry if I missed anything too obvious.  Great game and I can't wait to see the direction it goes!Excellent sound effects.Fun GameplayFantastic animation and art style. -Mike-



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This is good news for all

This is good news for all those who love play games especially Bot stoppers. Thanks a lot for sharing the news here and also giving the link to download it directly from here for PC. I will bookmark the site to check out updates.for more details  

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awesome, this is good

awesome, this is good news كروكى 

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