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Blood Animation Pack 1

We've decided to share some of the resources we've been developing!  We'll start off with Blood Animation Pack 1. Inside there are 4 sets of blood animations, each set with individual 512x512 PNG images for you to put together in a sprite sheet for your game using your own processes or a sprite sheet packer such as this.  

As listed below, this resource is being provided under an "Attribution" license.  This means you are free to use it for any purpose as long as "Pow Studios" is given credit.

Here are some potential uses for each animation, but you can use them however you want:

 Blood_a, Blood_b:

You can use this animation for blood impact situations, such as a character getting hit by a bullet, or bleeding out of his nose from a punch. Spawn this sprite at the impact point. It's general orientation is squirting out to the right, so you can angle this in the direction you need.


This animation can be used for effects such as a character that is decapitated and has its open neck gushing blood. Or your player is inside a living monster and his bullets hit the floor/innards of the beast and blood squirts out. Its general squirt direction is upward.


This animation can be used for effects like limb explosions. If a character needs to have his head explode instead of being lopped off, you can use this effect to disintegrate his head. This animation has no general orientation as it spreads outward from the middle and the particles aren't affected by gravity.

Download the file below!

blood_pack_1.zip214.23 KB


 Thanks man. Really helpful. ;D


Thanks for making it free :D 


 I probably gonna use this in my android game i am making.\

Thanks for the art !

I used one of the sprite sheet in my game (, the credits are in the description. Thanks for the art !


nice sprites!! thanks :)

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Thank you! good textures.