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Our Freedom for Creative Expression

Video Game Voters Network I usually try to avoid politics as it tends to cut into my creativity and productivity, but this issue hits too close to home.

The Supreme Court of the United States will be hearing arguments relating to video game regulation on November 2.  What this potentially means is that your rights as an individual to make your own choices on the types of content that you are interested in, will be limited by overarching mandates.


Project Runner Updates

Project Runner is moving right along :)  Check out the videos below!


The movement still needs some refinement and we'll probably need to nix stair-like structures from the level design, but overall, the game is progressing well :)  Your comments are welcome! launched!

We Love Anna WuWe just helped launch a fan site for Anna Wu from the hit show Chuck on NBC! is dedicated to requesting the return of Anna Wu to the show!

We've got a petition for you to virtually sign as well as the opportunity to suggest storyline arcs for how she may be incorporated back in :) Be creative! Contests will be held! Winners will be chosen!

We're also working on some other fun stuff for the site. I can't say too much, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out given the kind of stuff we do :)

Go check it out already!


Pre-Alpha Early Zygote Project Preview

If you didn't get it from the title, this project is so new, we have no idea what we're going to name it!

We've been inspired by games such as Canabalt and wanted to try our own hand at the run-for-your-life style of gameplay, but with a physics based twist.



Busy Busy Busy

Things have become really hectic lately as we're closing out a couple of non-game related projects and starting up a couple of new ones.  The Muzikaze debut was awesome! Hopefully we'll have some pics of that up soon.  A teaser is in the works! That's all for now, just wanted to take a moment and say that we're still here!


Digging into the past....

We've been receiving some good feedback about our pitch video for the Indie Game Challenge, including a couple of queries about why there was a listing for "Contra-Level One" in the quick shot of our audio browser in the game. 


Latest Happenings...

The team has become quite busy and we've managed to let our newly implemented, weekly blog posts slide, but let me try to restart things here :)



Pow Studios has more than doubled in size!!!  We've recently taken on five new interns! Two programming, two marketing and one game design intern have been added to the team. 

We took notice of the programming interns (Greg Wysocki and Marcin Oszkinis) after they created an awesome project for their game dev class.  They're currently working on a new Flash game set for release in early December.  We're having a lot of fun developing this game and we're certain it will show when you guys get your hands on it!

The game design intern, Chris Macker, has worked as a designer under WarCraft 3 DotA's head developer for a number of years. He is primarily working on the new Flash game, but will also be assisting on our other projects.  He's been a source of a number of good ideas and we've had several healthy debates on the design of the game; only good things can come from that :)

Finally, we've taken on two marketing interns (Chris Chirico and Ko-Shin Leu, gamers at heart!) who are currently working towards their MBA, to develop a long term marketing strategy for the company.  This is the achilles heel of most independent studios and we're looking to focus and strengthen our position as we move forward.

We're very happy with all of the new folks that have joined the team and we look forward to a very productive season!


IGF Entry In Motion

Surprise surprise!  We're developing an entry for the IGF this year!!!  What will it be about?  Our recent release on Xbox Live lays out a hint as to what the game's premise will be.  We'll have more info soon and if we have the time, we're hoping to do a private beta.  You should also see some unmarked concept art in the near future with a better hint as to the direction we're going with this game.