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Life of Graphic Design.

Welcome to Part 1 of-as-many-parts-as-I-feel-like-doing regarding graphic design, web design, and other art-related tasks I do here at Pow Studios.

Purple is for lovers.

As the graphic designer on the Pow team, I guess I could shed some light on what (in my opinion) makes good design and what I try to focus on when designing (but I might start to charge in the future). To each their own.


Windows 7 and more.

I'm a man who doesn't really like change. If I'm comfortable with something, I stick to it. "If it ain't broke..."

But I'm also a man who likes shiny new things.


Need For Speed Shift

Simply breathtaking

As a huge fan of racing games, the Need For Speed series has a large placement in my game library. With their recent release of NFS Shift, the way we look at racing games and graphics has changed.

An in-game screenshot.